Welcome to the CardsMix Challenge! - Write your credit card story!


You found this page because you seem to have an interest in personal finance, writing, and credit cards! Great news, we do too!

We know how difficult it is to navigate the complexities of personal finance and credit cards. Especially for students, the concepts like annual fees, APRs and bonuses are a hell of a thing to get one’s head around. We hear ya. The world of finance has complexities that should not be there. Here at CardsMix we believe that a business degree is not necessary to understand personal finance, and to prove this point, we set up the CardsMix Challenge!
Write your own student credit card experience, share your story, and help your fellow college and university students figure out their personal finances. Be the next CardsMix expert!

What do you need to do?

  • Write an at least 400-word long article about your personal finances, credit card or student credit card experiences
  • Post it on your own personal or financial blog or website
  • Make sure you include a link to our Cardsmix’s student card guide! (https://cardsmix.com/student-credit-cards)
  • Submit your entry in our submission form!
  • PROFIT :)

The prize pool

The CardsMix Challenge is a rolling competition, meaning we select winners at the end of every financial quarter. Winners will be notified via email, so make sure you enter the correct email address!
The regular prize pool is….
  • 1st place: $250
  • 2nd place: $125
  • 3rd place: $75
Oh and… if we really like your writing, there’s a chance you could become on of the regular contributors to CardsMix! Nice, right?

Rules and stuff

  • Your blog/website should be at least 3 months old.
  • Your blog/website should not be affiliated with financial services
  • The post should be live for 6 months at least
  • If the site is not owned by you (i.e. university board), please attach a written notice
  • We select winners based on our editor's decision







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