Discover credit cards

Discover Financial Services is a well-known US company issuing a Discover branded credit cards and owning and maintaining its own payment system.

Discover cards are in the wallets of about 50 million US cardholders what makes Discover the third largest credit card brand in the USA.

There are consumer, student, and business lines of credit cards by Discover:

intro purchase APR 0% for 6 monthsregular APR13.49 - 22.49% (V)
intro BT APR 10.99% for 6 months 3% BT fee
rewards 1 or 5% 
  • earn 5% cashback on rotating quarterly categories 
  • 1% cashback on all purchases
  • double cashback for first year
  • $20 cashback annual  bonus if your GPA is 3.0 or greater


no credit required

no annual fee

no credit needed

5% cashback on changing categories

double first year cashback

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intro purchase APR 0% for 14 monthsregular APR11.49 - 23.49% (V)
intro BT APR 0% for 14 months 3% BT fee
rewards 1 or 5% 
  • earn 5% on quarterly changing category up to $1,500 quarterly maximum in purchases
  • 1% on all other purchases


good credit / fair credit required

no annual fee

5% cash back on selected quarterly category

high limits

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Discover card benefits

For the full list of benefits visit Discover site.  We’ll highlight some important benefits provided by Discover.


  • Fraud protection
  • Extended warranty
  • Purchase protection
  • Return guarantee
  • Cash at checkout



  • Like the competition, Discover offers rental car collision damage waiver if the rent was purchased with a Discover card.
  • Roadside assistance – it is called 24/7 assistance, however you need to pay $69.95 each time you need a service.
  • Medical emergency assistance – you get help when it is needed, however you pay for actual medical services by yourself, Discover just provides you with free consultations.
  • $500,000 flight accident insurance
  • Baggage delay insurance – Discover will reimburse you for buying the essentials if your baggage is delayed for 3 or more hours.


Pros of Discover cards

  • Good customer service. People mostly like they Discover cards and user reviews are quite positive.
  • Discover often offer unexpectedly high credit limits.


Cons of Discover cards

  • One of the main disadvantages of the Discover issued cards is that these cards, unlike VISA or Master card, are not accepted everywhere . You’ll definitely will have issues with finding a Discover accepting merchant overseas, but even in the US small merchants tend to not take Discover payments.

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