Credit cards for Credit Score of 500?

Is there a store credit card I can get approved for with a credit score of 500?
Expert answer by Alex Gerard,
9 years experience in banking consulting

Yes, store credit cards are generally available even for bad credit. Sometimes you have even better options with unsecured regular credit cards.

Lets assume, your credit score is in hight 500's, then your best bet will be Capital One QuicksilverOne or Capital One Platinum cards


intro purchase APR no intro offerregular APR24.99 - 24.99% (V)
intro BT APR no intro offer no BT fee
no credit required
  • no annual fee
  • for average or no credit
  • high 24.99% APR
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If your score is in mid 500's you can apply for Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Building Credit, or a Milestone Gold credit card. 


intro purchase APR no intro offerregular APR16.74 - 24.74% (V)
intro BT APR no intro offer 16.74-24.74%
rewards 1% cash back on eligible purchases, terms apply 
bad credit / no credit required

This unsecured card requires no deposit and can help build your credit

Receive opportunities for credit line increases, a fee may apply

See if you Pre-Qualify in less than 60 seconds

Receive 1% cash back on eligible purchases, terms apply

$0-$99 annual fee

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intro purchase APR no intro offerregular APR23.9%
good credit / fair credit required

$35-$99* annual fee

real credit card for a less than perfect credit

*Dependent on credit worthiness

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Among store cards JC Penney's is the one that can probably approve you with a score in low 500's.




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