Removing incorrect info from credit bureaus

How to remove incorrect records from my personal credit history that is kept at credit bureaus?
Expert answer by Mira Nurdin,
6+ years in marketing and finance, online shopping guru

Removing all errors from credit report takes several steps:


1) Get your credit report. Once a year you can get a free copy of your credit report from 3 major credit bureaus at


2) Print your report and run through it with a pen. Check everything that is not accurate.


3) If you went through a bankruptcy, check specifically that all the accounts that were included in a bankruptcy are noted as having zero balance, included in the bankruptcy and are not in default/derogatory status.


4) For every account that is not correct on your credit report, file a dispute with all 3 credit agencies:

  • Send the information about inaccuracies found by certified mail, return receipt requested. If you include several issues in one letter, then follow the list format to make sure that the reader of your mail will see all the issues clearly.  
  • Wait for 30 days and check your report again. If anything was not updated, get the creditor info and mail them a letter about the issue.
  • After getting an answer from the creditor, send the info to the credit agencies.


5) After another 30 days, everything should be correct in your report.

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