How to Establish Credit?

What is the fastest and most reliable way to establish credit?
Expert answer by Mira Nurdin,
6+ years in marketing and finance, online shopping guru

If you have no previous credit history, it is much easier for you to establish a good credit than to a person who has a bad credit.

I advise my clients one of the best ways to boost credit and go from zero to an excellent credit in less than12 months with a combination of credit cards and a credit builder type of loan.

The goal is to get a credit card that is available for people with no credit history (Credit One or Capital One banks has several offers for you) and use the card responsibly for 6 months, utilizing less than 7-10% of your credit line and paying off balances in full.

After 6 months you usually are ready for a second credit card for an average to good credit score range. If you use this card with the same level of caution, in less than 6 months your credit score should in good to an excellent territory.

Some advice on proper credit card use and rebuilding a credit you can find here

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