Best Credit Cards, Checking Accounts For College Students

What are the best credit cards and checking accounts for a college student?
Expert answer by Alex Gerard,
10+ years experience in banking consulting

My best picks for the credit cards and debit and checking accounts for students

Student credit cards 

1) Capital One Journey Student Rewards card - the best about this card is that it offers 25% cashback boost if you pay on time - a useful feature to learn money management at a young age. Regular cashback - 1% flat. Capital One cards are also usually easier to get - an important consideration for first time cardholder. 

2) BankAmericard Cash Rewards for Students - no annual fee, 12-month intro 0% APR, $100 into bonus on spending $500 on a card, 3% cashback on gas, 2% on gas purchases.

3) Discover IT for students - it gives you a 1% flat cashback plus you can choose if you want 2% cash back on dining and gas, or 5% on quarterly rotating categories like school supplies, dining, entertainment.

Debit and Checking

1) Try - it is an innovative bank solution and fits perfectly for young population needs. Very simple and friendly fee structure - usually all basic operations are at no fee, cool and useful mobile app, good customer service - that's what current young generation demands.

2) Paypal Students account - it is good for children 13 years and up. Parents can sign up for an account and send money to kids account. This account is good for electronic payments, but ATM fee of $1.50 of each ATM transaction makes it not economically sound for cash withdrawal.

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