Interest Free Credit Card

Are these free interest credit cards for real?
Expert answer by Alex Gerard,
9 years experience in banking consulting

Yes, they are, but they are more like Santa Clause: only for those who behave well.

If applied wisely, 0% APR credit cards can be used for getting a free 6-18 month credit or even earning money on it by so-called “stoozing”. Stoozing is when somebody with an excellent credit score and no outstanding credit card debt takes advantage of one of the 0% intro APR offers and uses this money to earn interest on a savings account. But this tactic requires a lot of flexibility and perfect money management skills.

Regular customers can get a relief from interest and a free credit if they manage to pay a 3% balance transfer fee and pay monthly payments during the introductory period. See our list of 0% intro APR cards.  

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