Macy's Credit Card Review

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fair credit
intro purchase APR no intro offerregular APR24.50% Variable
intro BT APR not allowed not allowed
rewards 10% off at Macy's

no annual fee

20% off for two first days at Macy's

up to 10% off at Macy's if you participate for $25 per year

store card - not accepted anywhere except Macy's

Editors Review

One of two credit cards that are offered by Macy's. This card is accepted only at Macy's stores and IFf you need a card that will work as a general credit card, consider Macy's American Express card.


No annual fee.

20% off up to $100 for two days after opening the account.

10% off on shopping at Macy's if you participate in the program for $25 per year

Macy's special mail offers (Star pass mailings) - depends on your spending status:

  • 3x a year if you spend $1-$499 per year
  • 6x if you spend $500-$1199
  • 12x if you spend $1200+ per year 

Surprise savings at the register.


Card is not accepted outside of Macy's.

You need to pay an annual fee to participate in the10% off program. Long list of exclusions at

Minimum interest charge is $2 per month (if you are charged an interest, it is $2 minimum)



Last updated: 01/27/2017

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