How to Protect Finances on Vacation?

I'm going to travel soon. How can I protect my credit card finances while on vacation?
Expert answer by Mira Nurdin,
6+ years in marketing and finance, online shopping guru

Banks and payment systems are getting better with the latest technology for your security. Just recently, VISA came up with a Mobile Location Confirmation feature that will match your smartphone location with your credit card transactions. This solution will add more robustness to the fraud protection for travelers – it will prevent fraud transactions and decrease the number of “false alarms” when your card is blocked by the bank for the legit overseas transaction, made by yourself. Check with your bank mobile application if it offers VISA Mobile location confirmation feature and opt in before traveling.

Another interesting feature Freeze It from Discover that let you freeze your credit card from your bank mobile app. This feature is common today– it is a good idea to check if your bank mobile app has similar feature before leaving.

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