How to Pay Rent with a Credit Card?

Is it possible to pay my rent with a credit card? How can I do this? Will I get rewards points?
Expert answer by Christina Majaski,
More than 10 years experience covering credit cards and personal finance

Paying rent is one of the largest monthly fees that most people will incur. Rent is also the most important, as having a place to stay is a necessity. Paying rent normally happens via bank draft, check, or money order. Though these are the most common ways to pay rent, these are not the only methods available. Most people do not think of paying rent with a credit card as a possibility. Here are some reasons you should think about using a credit card for rent.

You Can Go Through Third Party Services

Some landlords and rental companies will allow you to pay your rent with a credit card. Even if your landlord does not allow you to pay your rent with a credit card, there are third party companies designed specifically for people who want to make rental payments with their credit cards. The company will charge your credit card for the rent amount, and then send the payment over to your landlord via check or electronic payment. Going through a service is worth it if using a credit card will provide you with extra rewards or benefits.

Cash Back or Rewards Give You a Discount

Finding a way to get a discount on rent isn’t easy. If you have a credit card that allows you to earn miles on purchases, paying rent with your card could net you hundreds of miles every month. If you can pay rent with a credit card with no fee and pay your credit card bill before interest is incurred, you could end up coming out ahead just for choosing to make your rental payment with a card. When you receive rewards for using your card, whether its points, miles, or cash back, you are not just earning a little extra for your payment, but you are also getting somewhat of a discount on your rent.

As most people are aware, there aren’t too many other ways to decrease this expense, so it might make sense to use your credit card the next time you pay your rent.

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