BP Visa by Chase - do you really need this card?

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fair credit
intro purchase APR no intro offerregular APR23.24% (V)
intro BT APR 23.24% 3% BT fee $5 min
rewards 5c or 15c per gallon on $100 25c first 60 days
  • get 25c per gallon rebates for $100 spend anywhere in the first 60 days of the card
  • after that, 15c per gallon gas rebates for every $100 spent on BP
  • and 5c on $100 spend everywhere else except non BP gas stations 

no annual fee

5c/15c/25c per gallon in rebates

Editors Review

This card offers not a traditional cashback but a system of complicated gas rebates in cents per gallon, which you earn by spending a $100 at BP purchases or somewhere else. To make things simpler, I will try to use more conventional % of cashback where possible


  • no annual fee
  • you get %5 back on all purchases in the first 60 days
  • 3% back on BP purchases
  • 1% on all purchases


  • high 20.24 APR
  • complicated rewards model
  • 20 gallons rebate limit
  • lots of another limitations on redeeming rewards


Not the best gas card. There is nothing in this BP card that is worth worrying about it.
Consider other gas card options - Chase Freedom, AmEx Blue Cash, or other high rewarding gas cards.
Last updated: 08/05/2016

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