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Mira Nurdin, 04/14/2015

France does it cheaper: how to save up to 70% on international shopping

international shopping  Tips and tricks on how to save up to 70% off your purchase and make international shopping even more rewarding.  

How to file your taxes for free?

Are you aware of the free options for filing your 2015 taxes? We found free offers for every state - check out our review. 

Costco AmEx divorce and a new alliance

Why I suffer no regrets about the future AmEx and Costco separation. I cannot wait when it’ll happen actually


Vocal customers will get more visibility now

Vocal bank customerCFPB is adopting a customer complaints narrative policy to give customers an option to share their story online. Until recently only statistical details of the complaints were published.

Where do happiest bank customers live?

Why do bank customers living in some areas of the country, seem to be happier than living in the others? Why 5 East Coast states are leading the rating of customer complaints?

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What are the Best Gas Credit Cards for Bad Credit?

Find out our picks for bad credit gas cards. These cards serve the primary purpose of helping you rebuild your credit score. Any rewards that they offer (mostly in the form of gas rebates 5-50¢ per gallon) should be considered as secondary.

What is a Good Secured Credit Card?

What is good secured credit cardA secured credit card is usually the only option to rebuild credit for people with recent bankruptcy or other problems in a credit history. The main difference of the secured card is the security deposit you need to put down as collateral against your credit line. 

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What Credit Card can a High School Student Get?

Teens can not get a credit card, but plastic means of payments are not limited to classic credit cards – there are many more, including prepaid cards, debit cards, secured credit cards, and all different electronic payment systems – Bitcoin, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Starbucks Mobile Wallet, to mention a few.

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Getting a Credit Card as an International Student is not Easy

Coming from another country to the U.S., a new student can find money culture in the U.S. very different from his home country. There are many student credit card offers on the market but for international students, things get more complicated than for the average U.S. kid.

What is the Minimum and the Maximum Age to Get a Credit Card?

Minimum age to get a credit cardWhat is the minimum age to get a credit card? What are the limitations? Can I get a credit card before my 21 birthday? Read our review to know your options and get the best.

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