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Christina Majaski, 11/03/2016

Fixing Your Bad Credit and Raising Your Credit Score

How to fix credit scoreIf you have had credit issues in the past, you might find it difficult figuring out how to fix your credit. In most cases, you need credit in order to improve your credit score. However, with bad credit, you might find yourself in a challenging cycle of being unable to qualify for the exact thing you need to raise your credit score. This type of situation can feel hopeless, but you do have options. If you’re trying to figure out the best way to improve your credit rating, here are a few things you should know.

Louis DeNicola, 10/28/2016 Optimize Your Credit Card Spending for Rewards, Interest, Cash Flow – or All Three

Wallaby FinancialMatthew Goldman and Todd Zino founded Wallaby Financial in 2012. The company initially created an app that tells users which credit card will earn them the most rewards for a given purchase. We interviewed Goldman and discussed the evolution of the Wallaby app and company, which Bankrate bought in 2015. We also asked him which cards he keeps in his wallet. 

Christina Majaski, 10/28/2016

Can You Pay Taxes with a Credit Card?

Can I pay my taxes by credit cardNot only is it possible to pay tax with a credit card, but it’s also convenient and may be the best way to pay when you want to keep track of all your tax payments. From income tax payments to the federal and state governments to payments on estate and property taxes, it’s sometimes the easiest and most convenient way to take care of your tax obligations.

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Christina Majaski, 10/28/2016

Second Chance Credit Cards Explained

Credit Cards to repair creditIt’s easy to end up messing up your credit score. All it takes is a couple missed payments or accidental late payments, and before you know it, you’re in the poor and bad credit score range. Fortunately, with a little work and time, you can rebuild and repair your credit. If you are working on repairing past credit problems, here are some important things you should know about your options.


Final Card: Trying to Build a Credit Card Company Without Perverse Incentives

Final card companyEver had your credit card information stolen? Perhaps you used a card to buy gas or groceries, and the next thing you know there are odd purchases showing up in your account. While the Fair Credit Billing Act limits your loss from unauthorized purchases to $50, and many major credit card issuers have a zero-liability policy, dealing with a compromised, lost, stolen, or deactivated card can be frustrating.  First-hand experience with these frustrations led Aaron Frank, Matt Rothstein, and Andrew Dietrich to start Final. In addition to offering a physical credit card, customers can generate multiple credit card numbers to use while shopping online.

Christina Majaski, 09/28/2016

Wins and Losses: Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card the Elite Travel Card You Need?

Chase Sapphire Reserve ReviewThe new Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is Chase’s solution for an elite travel card that provides the flexibility that the Sapphire cards are known for along with the benefits you would expect from an elite credit card. If you’re already a fan of the Chase Sapphire program and considering an upgrade to the Reserve card, or if you’re new and unsure if the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is the travel card for you, here’s what you should know.

Christina Majaski, 07/21/2016

What are Pre Qualified Credit Cards?

Pre approved credit cardsWhether you have had credit problems in the past or you just aren’t sure if you qualify for a credit card, prequalification can help. This process allows you to see if you qualify for a credit card or other financial product, with very basic information such as your name, address, and last four digits of your Social Security number. The benefit of prequalification is you can see if you might qualify for the card without a hard inquiry on your credit report, which can cause your credit score to drop as much as 10 points or more. Many card issuers and banks allow you to see if you prequalify first.

Christina Majaski, 07/10/2016

Where the New Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi Wins and Loses

Costco Citi Credit CardIf you were already an Amex Costco cardmember, you have likely heard of the new Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi. This card provides shoppers the rewards and perks of the old card plus a little bit more. In fact, even if you aren’t a hardcore Costco shopper, you may find the new card to be one of the best everyday rewards credit card available. Here is a summary of what the new card offers and how its features stack up against similar credit cards.  

Christina Majaski, 06/29/2016

What Happens When a 0% Intro APR Period Ends?

0% APR periodAs one of the most valuable tools that credit card issuers offer new cardholders, a 0% introductory APR can end up helping you to save hundreds of dollars either on new purchases or balance transfers. You can get the most value from this type of offer if you are able to pay down your balance within the introductory period. This type of promotion can include a 0% intro APR on purchases, balance transfers, or even both. Depending on what you need, cards you should consider for 0% intro APR on balance transfers include the Discover it, BankAmericard Credit Card, and Chase Slate, simply because they each offer the best balance transfer intro APRs available. For purchases, consider the BankAmercard Cash Rewards Credit Card or Citi Simplicity, to take advantage of a 0% intro APR, especially if you plan to make a large purchase right away. If you are diligent in paying your balance down, whether it’s a purchase or a balance transfer, within the introductory period, you can eliminate debt and save a great deal of money that would otherwise be tied up in interest payments.

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Christina Majaski, 06/21/2016

Get Credit Without the Credit Inquiry with the Shopping Cart Trick

Get a credit card with this trickIf you are looking for store credit cards to help rebuild your credit, or you want to apply for your favorite store card without the credit inquiry affecting your credit, you can use a trick known as the shopping cart trick. This trick allows you apply for store credit cards online without the hard pull that can often result in a decrease in your credit score. Stores that allow you to use the shopping cart trick include Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Sports Authority, and many others. 


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