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Christina Majaski, 05/26/2017

All You Need to Know on Reloadable Credit Cards

Reload Prepaid cardReloadable credit cards aren’t, by definition, actual credit cards. While they often have major credit card logos on them, they are actually prepaid debit cards. However, this doesn’t mean a reloadable card can’t come in handy. 

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Louis DeNicola, 05/09/2017

SoFi Is Trying to Build a New Kind of Financial Services Company

So Fi company interviewFor too long, finance has lacked speed, transparency, and alignment with customers’ interests. We spoke with Dan Macklin, the vice president of community and member success at SoFi, about the company’s past, present, and future.

Christina Majaski, 05/04/2017

Closing You Credit Card the Right Way

Should I close a credit card that I don't useClosing some of your credit card accounts may seem like a great idea at first, but if you don’t do it properly, it could have a negative impact on your credit score. There are plenty of reasons to close a credit card, including new annual fees or a sudden spike in interest rates. It’s best to try to replace the offending card with one with better rates before closing out the account, though.

Christina Majaski, 05/03/2017

What are the Soft Pull Credit Cards?

Hard Pull or Soft Pull?When you apply for a credit card, the credit issuer typically checks your credit reports to determine whether or not they want to approve the account. This process of credit report inquiry can be made with a hard or a soft pull - these two options have very different effects on your credit score.

Christina Majaski, 05/02/2017

What are the Most Exclusive Credit Cards?

Luxury credit cardsThere are a number of prestigious credit cards that are specifically designed for high net worth individuals. Although these exclusive credit cards typically carry higher annual fees, they also provide card perks that are worth hundreds and sometimes, thousands of dollars.


The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Travel Insurance

Many credit cards available, especially travel credit cards, will actually offer travel insurance benefits when the card is used to book travel reservations. You can receive everything from trip cancellation insurance to protection against lost baggage.

Christina Majaski, 04/26/2017

All Things You Need to Know about Metal Credit Cards

Although there are many quality credit cards to choose from, specialty metal credit cards often provide elevated perks and rewards. Some of the features that come with these cards can end up being worth hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars in perks and extra benefits. Here’s what you should know about metal credit cards and what they can be worth to you.

Louis DeNicola, 04/22/2017

A Rewards Credit Card That Makes It Easy to Support Causes You Care About

Charity Charge Card LogoStephen Garten wanted a rewards credit card that lets you easily donate your cash back to charities. He wanted every swipe to lead to a donation and an altruistic company to back the product. In 2016, he founded Charity Charge and started offering consumers the Charity Charge credit card.

Louis DeNicola, 04/20/2017

The Zebra is Making Auto Insurance Black and White

Zebra Company InterviewHunting for an auto insurance policy can be a pain. You might need to fill in all your information to get a quote and then do that over and over again to try and find the best price.  Adam Lyons and Joshua Dziabiak founded The Zebra in 2012 to help consumers deal with the potential frustrations. We asked Adam Lyons, CEO of The Zebra, some questions about the company and auto insurance in general (including tips to getting a lower rate).

Louis DeNicola, 03/18/2017

Due Helps Freelancers and Small Business Owners Get Paid On Time

Due service interviewWhile everyone looks forward to getting paid for their work, the administrative task of creating, sending, and tracking invoices can sometimes be a pain. In 2015, Due released an online invoicing platform that helped simplify the entire process. Since then, they’ve expanded to offer a range of payment-related services, including merchant services and global online payments.


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