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Christina Majaski, 03/13/2016

Building Credit with a Credit Card? Here are your best options!

How to build a credit scoreFor consumers who are just starting out and need to build credit, the options available can be limited until you actually have credit established. If you’re faced with this predicament, rest assured that you do have options. There are credit cards available specifically for those who need to build their credit ratings, whether you have had minor credit problems in the past, are a college student, or in the process of reestablishing your credit.

What are the Easy and Instant Cards for a Bad Credit?

Instant credit cardsfor bad creditInstant bad credit card offers usually mean prepaid or debit cards. We'll show you that even with bad credit your are not limited to prepaid or secured cards. With some planning and patience you can improve your credit core in 12 month and get a real credit card. Read our study before you apply for prepaid or after bankruptcy products. 

Cracking the code of your Chase Freedom rental car insurance policy

Chase freedom card car insurance policyCar insurance policies has long offered by major credit cards, but there is still a lot of confusion around this subject – rental car and insurance companies are not helping to make the issue easier with their complicated rules and confusing options. Lets have a look what rental car insurance options that Chase Freedom credit card offer to its holders. 

Uber 20% discount and 2 first rides free with Capital One

Capital One and Uber offering two lovely deals for those who travel with Uber. You can get a 20% off all your Uber rides till April 2016 and get 2 first rides free. 

Alex Gerar, 05/12/2015

Bank+smartphone = new horizons?

mobile banking trends 2015Your bank is getting in closer ties with your smartphone. Online and mobile banking have been with us for a while, allowing you to track your spending, pay bills and even deposit checks through your iPhone or Android smartphone. Recently Visa and Discover announced interesting new features for mobile banking. Let’s have a look at the trending mobile features available today.

Credit card car buying guide - why use credit card for car purchase?

How to buy a car using a credit cardYou might have a few reasons to put your next car purchase on the credit card - from getting reward miles to financing a car down payment. The real question is if it is actually possible to buy a car with a credit card – there is no short answer and the devil as usual is in the detail.

Tags: car, shopping

Money tips for Europe trips

The summer is getting close and we are starting to plan our vacations. With a Euro currency showing new lows, more and more Americans are going to visit Europe this year. How to avoid disappointment while reading your credit card statement after your trip? What is the best option for currency conversion overseas? We will answer these questions based on both recent research data and extensive field practice during many Europe trips.

Tags: travel, Europe

Breaking the Millennials Money Habits Myths

Money habits of the Millennials are an important topic today – this generation is setting up new trends in major consumer markets and will lead the future. Based on the numerous studies, Millennials treat money differently than their parents

Your card is useless in these countries - bulletproof vest is a must have in some

If you want to travel to one of those countries, do not bother taking a credit card with you. A list of countries under US financial sanctions. 


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