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Louis DeNicola, 03/09/2017

Metromile Offers Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance

Metromile InsuranceMetromile offers pay-per-mile car insurance. This means that unlike traditional car insurance companies who charge a flat rate, Metromile insurance is based off of the miles you drive. Metromile was founded in 2011, but the idea of pay-per-mile car insurance isn’t a new one — in fact, the concept has been around for nearly 100 years, but the technology to get an accurate read on mileage did not exist and was not affordable until recently.

Louis DeNicola, 03/07/2017

Affirm Offers a New Way to Finance Large Purchases

Affirm logoBuying new furniture, appliances, or a mattress can be expensive. You might be able to finance the purchase with a credit card, layaway, a retailer’s financing plan, or a personal loan, but each has its pros and cons. Affirm, which launched in 2013, partners with retailers to offer a new financing option to customers.  Read our interview with Christina Ra, Head of Communications at Affirm.

Christina Majaski, 02/18/2017

What are the Best Free and Low Cost Credit Cards?

Free credit cards for bad creditFinding the best free credit cards today - with no annual fee, low APR, and great Intro zero APR offers. Cards for no credit and that are easy to get in our review. To be honest, there are a fair number of cards with high interest rates and expensive fees, but there are also plenty of cards that somehow manage to give you a line of credit for free.

Alex Gerard, 02/17/2017

Best Credit Cards for Young Adults Today

Young adults and professionalsToday’s best credit cards for young adults need to offer rewards for travel and dining, low or no fees and manageably low APR. It also needs to have easy credit score requirements to fit thin credit profiles of recent college graduates and young professionals. It is hard to find all these qualities in one card, that’s why we created this guide to help you navigate in the best credit card offers.

Christina Majaski, 02/17/2017

What is FIA Credit Card Services?

FIA Card Services by Bank of AmericaTo get the best understanding of who and what FIA Card Services provides, it might help to get a brief history. In 2006, Bank of America acquired Maryland Bank National Association, otherwise known as MBNA, which was a major cardholder. In fact, it was one of the largest in the world. After being acquired by Bank of America, it was taken over once again by Lloyd's Banking Group in late 2016.

Christina Majaski, 02/15/2017

How to Obtain and Make Use of Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards

Guaranteed approval credit cardsIf you recently have gone through a divorce or other personal financial crisis that has caused severe damage to your credit, you may find that you are now being denied on all your credit card applications. Since every new application decreases your credit score and your chances of rebuilding your credit, your best bet now is guaranteed approval credit card offer.

Christina Majaski, 02/15/2017

How Many Credit Cards Is Too Many?

How many cards should I have?Credit cards can be an excellent way to build credit when used correctly, but too many people think the answer is to take out as many as you can, max them out, and then make payments regularly. Truthfully, the answer to exactly how many credit cards you need isn’t quite that simple.

Alex Gerard, 01/30/2017

How to Ask for a Credit Line Increase?

Credit line increase on major card issuersWhen it comes to getting a credit line increase, you can either ask for one or wait for an automatic increase that usually comes over time. How to ask for a credit line increase and what to expect from each issuer? How often can you ask for a limit increase and how it will affect your score?

Christina Majaski, 01/24/2017

Choosing an Airline Dining Rewards Program

Comparing Delta Sky MIles Dining, MileagePlus Dining and AAdvantage DiningIf you frequently travel, either for business or pleasure, you already know that it can be challenging to make the most of your money while still enjoying your trip. Here’s the good news: flying efficiently and pleasurably is possible, especially if you use your credit card with airline rewards programs to maximize your money. Read our airline dining rewards review.

Christina Majaski, 01/17/2017

How to Access and Use High-Limit Credit Cards

High limit credit cardsIf you’ve been wondering how to access and use high-limit credit cards, this guide can help you to understand better the options available and how you can access them from where you are financially right now.


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